Unhinged is the podcast that takes on life’s hardest challenges. We explore the impact of illness, grief, death and loss, and how we endure these experiences that make us question everything – including how we go on. These fascinating interviews uncover the core truths that ultimately give our lives meaning. 
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Mar 4, 2017

Liz Rosenberg – Author, teacher, mother.

Liz Rosenberg is the author of 4 best-selling novels, 5 books of poems and more than 20 award winning books for children. Known as emotionally fragile since childhood, she was understandably devastated by the sudden death of her first husband, the writer John Gardner.  Some 30 years later, it was the also-sudden death of her beloved second husband, teacher David Bosnick, that might have left her forever unhinged.  But it didn’t. In this interview, Liz talks about the enduring power of love, and how it is death “that gives poignancy to everything we see and makes us treasure the beauty of what is around us.”

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